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Cut (Ctrl+ X), Copy (Ctrl+ C), and Paste (Ctrl+ V)
2. Highlight one or more commands on the Undo menu and click the last
command you want to undo.
3. (Optional) If you undo a command and suddenly want to redo it,
choose the Redo command by choosing one of the following:
• Click the Redo icon on the Quick Access toolbar.
• Press Ctrl+Y.
Cut (Ctrl+X), Copy (Ctrl+C),
and Paste (Ctrl+V)
Editing any file often means moving or copying data from one place to
another. Understandably, three of the most common commands are the Cut,
Copy, and Paste commands.
To use the Cut or Copy command, just select an item (text or picture) and
choose the Cut or Copy icon on the Home tab (or press Ctrl+X to cut or
Ctrl+C to copy).
Both the Cut and Copy commands are most often used with the Paste
command. However, the Cut command, without the Paste command, is essentially
equivalent to deleting selected text or objects.
Each time you choose the Cut or Copy command, Office 2010 stores that
selected data (text or pictures) on the Office Clipboard, which can hold up to
24 items. After you cut or copy items to the Office Clipboard, you can always
retrieve them.
If you turn off your computer or exit Office 2010, any items on the Office
Clipboard are lost.
To retrieve a cut or copied item from the Office Clipboard and paste it into a
document, follow these steps:
1. Click the Home tab.
2. Click the Clipboard icon in the Clipboard group.
3. Move the cursor to where you want to paste an item.
4. Click an item displayed on the Office Clipboard.
Office 2010 pastes your chosen item in your file.
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