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Saving a File (Ctrl+ S)
Saving a File (Ctrl+S)
Never trust that your computer, operating system, or Office 2010 will work
when you need it. That’s why you should save your file periodically while
you’re working: If you don’t, and the power suddenly goes out, you’ll lose
all the changes you made to your file since the last time you saved it. If the
last time you saved a file was 20 minutes ago, you’ll lose all the changes you
made in the past 20 minutes.
It’s a good idea to save your file periodically, such as after you make a lot of
changes to a file. To save a file, choose one of the following:
Press Ctrl+S.
Click the Save icon on the Quick Access toolbar.
The first time you save a file, Office 2010 asks you for a descriptive name. After
you have saved a file at least once, you can choose the Save command, and
Office 2010 will save your file without bothering you with a dialog box.
Printing a File (Ctrl+P)
Despite all the promises of a paperless office, more people are printing and
using paper than ever before. As a result, one of the most common
commands you’ll use is the Print command.
To choose the Print command, press Ctrl+P or click the Print icon on the
Quick Access toolbar.
Checking Your Spelling (F7)
Before you allow anyone to see your file, run a spell-check first. Just press
F7, and Office 2010 diligently checks the spelling of your text. When the spell
checker finds a suspicious word, it displays a dialog box that lets you choose
a correct spelling, ignore the currently highlighted word, or store the
highlighted word in the Office 2010 dictionary so it won’t flag that word as
misspelled again.
Spell checkers are handy and useful, but they can be fooled easily. You might
spell a word correctly (such as their ) but use that word incorrectly, such as
You knead two move over their. Spell-checking won’t always recognize
grammatical errors, so you still need to proofread your file manually just to make
sure that you don’t have any misspelled or incorrect words in your file.
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