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Closing a Window (Ctrl+ W)
When replacing text, you have a choice of using the Replace or the Replace
All command. The Replace command lets you review each word before you
replace it to make sure that’s what you really want to do. The Replace All
command replaces text without giving you a chance to see whether it’s correct.
When using the Replace All command, be aware that Office 2010 may replace
words incorrectly. For example, in addition to replacing Bob with Frank, Office
2010 might also replace all occurrences of Bobcat with Frankcat, which is
probably something you don’t want to do.
Closing a Window (Ctrl+W)
To close a window, you can either click on that window’s Close box or click
the File tab and then click Close. For a faster alternative, just press Ctrl+W to
close the current window right away.
If you haven’t saved the contents of the current window, Office 2010 displays a
dialog box asking if you want to save your data before it closes the window.
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