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Using the Ribbon
Figure 1-11:
Each tab
different group
of related
Deciphering Ribbon icons
Each Ribbon tab displays commands as buttons or icons, organized into
groups. There are four types of icons displayed on the Ribbon:
One-click icons: These icons do something with a single click.
Menu icons: These icons display a pull-down menu of options you can
Split-menu icons: These icons consist of two halves. One half lets you
choose a command like a one-click icon, and the second half displays a
downward-pointing arrow, which displays additional options.
Combo boxes: These display a text box where you can type a value in or
click on a downward-pointing arrow to choose from a menu of options.
Using one-click icons
One-click icons simply display an icon, or an icon with text. To use a
oneclick icon, you select the data you want to manipulate, such as a paragraph
or a picture, and then click the icon. Figure 1-12 shows one-click icons that
display only an icon or both text and an icon.
The most common one-click icons are the Cut and Copy commands, which
appear on the Home tab of every Office 2010 program.
Using menu icons
A one-click icon represents a single command. However, there isn’t enough
room on the Ribbon to display every possible command as a single icon. As
a result, menu icons display a pull-down menu that stores multiple options
within a single icon, as shown in Figure 1-13.
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