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Password-Protecting a File
Here’s a faster way to send a file:
1. In the file that you want to send, click the File tab.
Backstage View appears.
2. Click Save & Send.
3. Click Send Using E-mail and click one of the following:
Send as Attachment: Attaches the Office 2010 file. Recipients will be
able to view and edit this file only if they also have Office 2010.
Send as PDF: Converts the file to PDF format before attaching it to
the message. Recipients who don’t have special PDF-editing
software will be able to view the file only, but not edit it.
Password-Protecting a File
After creating a file, you may want to show it to others, but not let anyone
else modify it. You could trust that nobody will mess up your file, but a better
option is to password protect it so nobody can modify it without your
To password protect a file, follow these steps:
1. Click the File tab.
Backstage View appears.
2. Click Info and then click the Protect button (such as Protect Document
or Protect Presentation).
A menu appears.
3. Click Encrypt with Password.
An Encrypt Document dialog box appears.
4. Type a password and click OK.
If you forget your password, you won’t be able to access your own file, so
make sure you remember your password.
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