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Checking File Compatibility
Checking File Compatibility
Not everyone may be using Office 2010, so if you need to share files with
people stuck with older versions of Microsoft Office, you need to make sure
your files can be opened by others. Otherwise, you risk creating a great
document, but nobody else can see what you did.
To check your file’s compatibility with previous versions of Office, follow
these steps:
1. Click the File tab.
Backstage View appears.
2. Click Info and then click the Check for Issues button.
A menu appears.
3. Click Check Compatibility.
A Compatibility Checker dialog box appears, listing any parts of your file
that may not be compatible with older versions of Office.
Ignoring the Silly Office Ribbon
Although the Office Ribbon represents a more visual way to use Microsoft
Office, some people still prefer the classic pull-down menu interface of
previous versions of Microsoft Office. For those who don’t want to give up their
familiarity with pull-down menus, you can buy an add-on program dubbed
Classic Menu for Office (which is available at
This program essentially gives back your pull-down menus so you can
choose between the Office Ribbon or the traditional pull-down menus. Now
you can have the best of both worlds without giving up either one.
The main drawback with this add-on program is that if you have to use
someone else’s copy of Office 2010 that doesn’t have this add-on installed,
you may feel lost trying to use the Ribbon alone. For this reason, it’s a good
idea to become familiar with the Office Ribbon and use this Classic Menu for
Office add-on program to help you make the transition from an older version
of Office to Office 2010.
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