Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Using the Ribbon
Figure 1-12:
The two
types of
Figure 1-13:
A typical
menu icon
on the Home
tab in Word.
The Line Spacing icon, found on the Home tab of Word and PowerPoint, is a
typical menu icon that lets you click it to view a pull-down menu of options.
Selecting an option in the pull-down menu immediately manipulates your
selected data.
Using split-menu icons
Split-menu icons give you two choices:
✓ If you click the top or left half of a split-menu icon, you choose a default
value. For example, the left half of the Font Color icon lets you choose
the currently displayed color.
If you click the bottom or right half of a split-menu icon, a pull-down
menu appears, letting you choose a new default option, as shown in
Figure 1-14.
Figure 1-14:
A typical
icon on the
Home tab in
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