Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Using the Ribbon
The Paste and Font Color icons, found on the Home tab of Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint, are typical split-menu icons.
You can identify split-menu icons because only half of the icon appears
highlighted when you move the mouse pointer over that half.
Using combo boxes
A combo box gives you two ways to choose an option:
Type directly into the combo box.
Click the downward-pointing arrow to display a list of options, as shown
in Figure 1-15.
Figure 1-15:
A typical
box on the
Home tab in
The Font and Font Size combo boxes, found on the Home tab of Word, Excel
and PowerPoint, are typical combo boxes:
If you click the left side of the Font Size combo box, you can type your
own value in for a font size.
If you click the downward-pointing arrow on the right side of the Font
Size combo box, you can choose a value from a pull-down menu.
Identifying Ribbon icons
While some icons include descriptive text (such as Format Painter or Paste),
most icons simply look like cryptic symbols from an alien language. To
get additional help deciphering icons on the Ribbon, just point the mouse
pointer over an icon and a short explanation appears, called a ScreenTip, as
shown in Figure 1-16.
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