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Copying and Pasting Data
Paste the text with the original formatting of the copied or cut text.
Merge the pasted data with the formatting of the current text.
Paste the text but strip away the formatting.
Each Office 2010 program displays slightly different options for Paste Options.
To use the Paste Options feature, follow these steps:
1. Select text.
You can select text by either dragging the mouse over text or holding
down the Shift key and pressing an arrow key.
2. Click the Home tab and click the Cut or Copy icon.
If you select the Cut icon, your selected text disappears.
3. Move the cursor to where you want to paste your cut or copied text.
4. Click the Home tab, and then click the downward-pointing arrow at
the bottom of the Paste icon.
The Paste Options menu appears, displaying the different Paste Option
options, as shown in Figure 2-5.
Figure 2-5:
The Paste
when you
click the
bottom half
of the Paste
5. Move the mouse pointer over each Paste Options icon to see how your
pasted text will look in the file.
Each time you move the mouse pointer over a different Paste Option
icon, the appearance of the pasted text will change.
6. Click the Paste Options icon that you want to use.
If you right-click in Step 3, a pop-up menu appears with the Paste Options
displayed, as shown in Figure 2-6.
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