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Chapter 3: Modifying Pictures
Chapter 3
Modifying Pictures
In This Chapter
Adding (and deleting) pictures
Modifying pictures
Altering the appearance of pictures
One way to spice up your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or
PowerPoint presentations is to add photographs that you’ve captured
through a digital camera. Adding photographs is simple enough, but Office
2010 also includes different ways to manipulate your picture by using special
visual effects.
One common problem with photographs is that they may appear too light or
too dark. In the past, the only way to correct these types of problems was to
edit the picture in a photo-editing program like Adobe Photoshop. Because
not many people have Photoshop or know how to use it, Office 2010 now
contains simple photo-editing tools that anyone can use to correct minor flaws.
After you’ve corrected any flaws, Office 2010 also lets you turn your
photographs into art by adding frames, tilting the picture sideways, or adding a
visual effect that makes the picture look more like a painting.
With Office 2010, you can add photographs, correct them, and modify them
to give all your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files that extra bit of color and
Adding (And Deleting) Pictures
To add a picture to a file, follow these steps:
1. Click the Insert tab.
2. Click the Picture icon.
The Insert Picture dialog box appears.
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