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Enhancing Pictures
Enhancing Pictures
Sometimes a picture might look almost perfect, but needs some minor
corrections. Other times a picture might look plain, but by adding some visual
effects, you can turn a plain picture into a work of art.
To help you make your pictures look prettier and more visually engaging,
Office 2010 lets you choose different effects, colors, frames, and styles.
Choosing visual effects
Office 2010 offers several different ways to alter a picture’s visual appearance:
Corrections: Sharpens or softens a picture, or adjusts the brightness or
Color: Adjusts the tone or saturation of a picture’s color, or lets you
change the color of a picture altogether
Artistic Effects: Makes a picture appear as different styles, such as a
mosaic or watercolor painting
Picture Effects: Lets you add visual effects to a picture, such as
shadows, glows, or rotation
To choose a visual effect for a picture, follow these steps:
1. Select the picture that you want to modify.
The Format tab appears on the Ribbon.
2. Click the Corrections icon.
When you click the Corrections icon, a menu of different correction
options appears, as shown in Figure 3-2.
Figure 3-2:
ways to fix a
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