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Enhancing Pictures
Figure 3-5:
The Picture
Effects icon
different ways
to enhance
your picture.
Choosing a picture style
Rather than force you to make individual changes to a picture, Office 2010
provides a collection of predefined picture styles that you can apply to any
picture added to a file. To choose a picture style, follow these steps:
1. Select the picture that you want to modify.
The Format tab appears on the Ribbon.
2. Click on a style displayed in the Picture Styles group.
The Picture Styles group contains multiple options:
• To view these options one row at a time, click the up/down arrows
in the Picture Styles group, as shown in Figure 3-6.
• To view all picture styles at once, click the More button, which
displays all picture styles, as shown in Figure 3-7.
Figure 3-6:
The up/
down and
buttons in the
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