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Making the Help Window Easier to Read
Type as few words as possible. So rather than type “I want to find help
on printing,” just type “Printing.” Not only will this make it easier for you
to search for help, but it will also keep Office 2010 from looking up extra
words that have nothing to do with your topic such as “I want to find
help on…”
3. Click Search.
The Help window displays a list of topics, as shown in Figure 4-3.
Figure 4-3:
let you
view a list
of related
topics right
4. Click a Help topic.
The Help window displays information for your chosen topic. You may
need to click on additional topics to get the answer you want.
5. Click the Close box when you’re done, to make the Help window
go away.
Making the Help Window Easier to Read
One problem with the Help window is that it may appear too small to read
comfortably. To get around this problem, you have two choices:
Resize the Help window.
Expand the size of the text inside the Help window.
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