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Moving the Cursor with the Keyboard
Using Outline view
Outline view divides a document into sections defined by headings and text.
A heading represents a main idea. Text contains one or more paragraphs that
are “attached” to a particular heading. A subheading lets you divide a main
idea (heading) into multiple parts. A typical outline might look like Figure 5-4.
Within Outline view you can
Collapse headings to hide parts (subheadings and text) temporarily
from view.
Rearrange headings to move subheadings and text easily within a large
Moving a heading automatically moves all subheadings and text. Instead of
cutting and pasting multiple paragraphs, Outline view lets you rearrange a
document by just moving headings around.
To switch to Outline view, click the Outline View icon at the bottom of the
document window (or click the View tab and then click the Outline icon).
Figure 5-4:
A typical
consists of
subheadings, and
text that you
can expand
or collapse
to hide
or text from
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