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Moving the Cursor with the Keyboard
Defining a heading
Outline view considers each line as either a heading or text. To define a line
as either a heading style (Level 1 to Level 9) or text, follow these steps:
1. Move the cursor on the line that you want to define as a heading
or text.
2. Click in the Outline Level list box and choose a heading level, such as
Level 2.
Word displays Level 1 headings in large type to the far left margin. Level 2
headings appear in smaller type that’s slightly indented to the right, Level 3
headings appear in even smaller type that’s indented farther to the right, and
so on, as shown in Figure 5-5.
To create a heading quickly, move the cursor to the end of an existing
heading and press Enter to create an identical heading. For example, if you put the
cursor at the end of a Level 3 heading and press Enter, Word creates a new
blank Level 3 heading.
Figure 5-5:
The nine
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