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Navigating through a Document
Up arrows
Down arrow
Scroll area
Scroll box
Figure 5-6:
different parts
of the scroll
bar lets you
through a
Using a mouse scroll wheel
If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use that to scroll through a
document in one of two ways:
Move the mouse pointer over your document and roll the scroll wheel
up or down.
Move the mouse pointer over your document and click the scroll wheel;
then move the mouse up or down. (The scrolling speeds up the farther
up or down you move the mouse from the position where you clicked
the scroll wheel.) Click the left mouse button or the scroll wheel to turn
off automatic scrolling when you’re done.
Using the Go To command
If you know the specific page number of your document that you want to
scroll to, you can jump to that page right away by using the Go To command.
To use the Go To command, follow these steps:
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