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Finding and Replacing Text
Using the Find command
The Find command can search for a single character, word, or a group of
words. To make searching faster, you can either search an entire document
or just a specific part of a document. To make searching a document more
flexible, Word lets you search for specific words or phrases, headings, or
Searching for text
To search for words or phrases by using the Find command, follow these
1. Click the Home tab.
2. Click the Find icon in the Editing group.
The Navigation Pane appears in the left side of the screen, as shown in
Figure 5-8.
If you click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the Find icon, a
menu appears that lets you choose the Find or Go To command.
Figure 5-8:
Pane lets
you type
the text you
want to find.
3. Click in the Search Document text box, type a word or phrase to find,
and press Enter.
The Navigation Pane lists all matching text, as shown in Figure 5-9.
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