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Fig. 5.18 Worksheet Data for Chapter 5: Practice Problem #2
(d) Use Excel to perform a two-group t-test. What is the value of t that you
obtain (use two decimal places)?
(e) On your spreadsheet,
type the critical value of
t using the t-table in
Appendix E.
(f) Type your result on the test on your spreadsheet.
(g) Type your conclusion in plain English on your spreadsheet.
(h) save the file as: FINCH3
3. Suppose that you have been asked to “run the data” at a local university by the
Chair of the Biology Department who wants to know if there is a gender
difference in cumulative grade-point averages (GPAs) of Biology majors who
have completed all of the required courses in their major. The Chair has obtained
the cooperation of the Registrar and has promised to keep the GPA information
confidential and has obtained the hypothetical data given in Figure 5.19 :
(a) State the null hypothesis and the research hypothesis on an Excel
(b) Find the standard error of the difference between the means using Excel
(c) Find the critical t value using Appendix E, and enter it on your spreadsheet.
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