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Fig. 6.9 Worksheet Data for Weight and Eggs Produced (Practical Example)
Next, change the width of Columns B and C so that the information fits inside the
Now, complete the remaining figures in the table given above so that B19 is 4589
and C19 is 94. (Be sure to double-check your figures to make sure that they are
correct!) Then, center the information in all of these cells.
A21: n
A22: mean
Next, define the “name” to the range of data from B8:B19 as: weight
We discussed earlier in this topic (see Sect. 1.4.4) how to “name a range of data,”
but here is a reminder of how to do that:
To give a “name” to a range of data:
Click on the top number in the range of data and drag the mouse down to the
bottom number of the range.
For example, to give the name: “weight” to the cells: B8:B19, click on B8, and
drag the pointer down to B19 so that the cells B8:B19 are highlighted on your
computer screen. Then, click on:
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