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Fig. 6.18 Example of a Chart Title, an x-axis Title, and a y-axis Title
Legend (at top of screen)
None (to turn off the legend “Series 1” at the far right side of the chart)
Gridlines (at top of screen)
Primary Horizontal Gridlines
None (to deselect the horizontal gridlines on the chart) Moving the Chart Below the Table in the Spreadsheet
Objective : To move the chart below the table
Left-click your mouse on any white space to the right of the top title inside the
chart , keep the left-click down, and drag the chart down and to the left so that the
top left corner of the chart is in cell A29, then take your finger off the left-click of
the mouse (see Fig. 6.19 ). Making the Chart “Longer” so that it is “Taller”
Objective : To make the chart “longer” so that it is taller
Left-click your mouse on the bottom-center of the chart to create an “up-and-down-
arrow” sign, hold the left-click of the mouse down and drag the bottom of the chart
down to row 48 to make the chart longer, and then take your finger off the mouse.
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