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Fig. 6.20 Example of a Chart that is Enlarged to Fit the Cells: A29:H48 Making the Chart “Wider”
Objective : To make the chart “wider”
Put the pointer at the middle of the right-border of the chart to create a “left-to-
right arrow” sign, and then left-click your mouse and hold the left-click down while
you drag the right border of the chart to the middle of Column H to make the chart
wider (see Fig. 6.20 ).
Save the file as: eggs34
Important note: If you printed eggs34 now, it would “dribble over” to four pages of
printout because the scale needs to be reduced below 100 percent in order for this
spreadsheet to fit onto only one page.
Now, let’s draw the regression line onto the chart. This regression line is called
the “least-squares regression line” and it is the “best-fitting” straight line through
the data points. Drawing the Regression Line Through the Data Points in the Chart
Objective : To draw the regression line through the data points
on the chart
Right-click on any one of the data points inside the chart
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