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Fig. 6.21 Dialogue Box for Adding a Trendline to the Chart
Add Trendline (see Fig. 6.21 )
Linear (be sure the “linear” button on the left is selected; see Fig. 6.22 )
Now, click on any blank cell outside the chart to “deselect” the chart
Re-save this file as : eggs34
Note: If you printed this spreadsheet now, it is “too big” to fit onto one page, and
would “dribble over” onto four pages of printout because the scale needs to be
reduced below 100 percent in order for this worksheet to fit onto only one page. You
need to complete these next steps below to print out some, or all, of this spreadsheet.
6.4 Printing a Spreadsheet So That the Table and
Chart Fit Onto One Page
Objective : To print the spreadsheet so that the table and the chart
fit onto one page
Page Layout (top of screen)
Change the scale at the middle icon near the top of the screen “Scale to Fit” by
clicking on the down-arrow until it reads “80%” so that the table and the chart will
fit onto one page on your printout (see Fig. 6.23 ):
OK (see Fig. 6.24 )
Save your file as: eggs35
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