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to note that there may be a negative correlation between X and Y even if the printout
says that the correlation is a positive correlation.
You will know that the correlation between X and Y is a negative correlation when
these two things occur:
1. THE SLOPE, b, IS A NEGATIVE NUMBER. This can only occur when there is a
negative correlation.
REGRESSION LINE, which can only occur when the correlation between X
and Y is negative.
6.8 Printing Only Part of a Spreadsheet Instead
of the Entire Spreadsheet
Objective : To print part of a spreadsheet separately instead
of printing the entire spreadsheet
There will be many occasions when your spreadsheet is so large in the number of
cells used for your data and charts that you only want to print part of the spreadsheet
separately so that the print will not be so small that you cannot read it easily.
We will now explain how to print only part of a spreadsheet onto a separate page
by using three examples of how to do that using the file, eggs37, that you created in
Sect. 6.6: (1) printing only the table and the chart on a separate page, (2) printing
only the chart on a separate page, and (3) printing only the SUMMARY OUTPUT
of the regression analysis on a separate page.
Note: If the file: eggs37 is not open on your screen, you need to open it now.
Let’s describe how to do these three goals with three separate objectives:
6.8.1 Printing Only the Table and the Chart on a Separate Page
Objective : To print only the table and the chart on a separate page
1. Left-click your mouse starting at the top left of the table in cell A3 and drag the
mouse down and to the right so that all of the table and all of the chart are
highlighted in light blue on your computer screen from cell A3 to cell H48 (the
light blue cells are called the “selection” cells).
2. File
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