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Fig. 7.1 Worksheet Data for SAT versus FROSH GPA (Practical Example)
Then, center all numbers in your table
Important note: Be sure to double-check all of your numbers in your table to be
sure that they are correct, or your spreadsheets will be incorrect.
Save this file as: GPA15
Before we do the multiple regression analysis, we need to try to make one
important point very clear:
Important: When we used one predictor, X, to predict one criterion, Y, we said that
you need to make sure that the X variable is ON THE LEFT in your table, and the Y
variable is ON THE RIGHT in your table so that you don’t get these variables
mixed up (see Sect. 6.3).
However, in multiple regression, you need to follow this rule which is exactly the
When you use several predictors in multiple regression, it is essential that the
criterion you are trying to predict, Y, be ON THE FAR LEFT, and all of the
predictors are TO THE RIGHT of the criterion, Y, in your table so that you know
which variable is the criterion, Y, and which variables are the predictors. If you
make this a habit, you will save yourself a lot of grief.
Notice in the table above, that the criterion Y (FROSH GPA) is on the far left of
the table, and the three predictors (READING SCORE, WRITING SCORE, and
MATH SCORE) are to the right of the criterion variable. If you follow this rule, you
will be less likely to make a mistake in this type of analysis.
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