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Fig. 7.2 Dialogue Box for Regression Function
7.2 Finding the Multiple Correlation and the Multiple
Regression Equation
Objective : To find the multiple correlation and multiple regression
equation using Excel.
You do this by the following commands:
Click on: Data Analysis (far right top of screen)
Regression (scroll down to this in the box; see Fig. 7.2 )
Input Y Range: A6: A17
Input X Range: B6: D17
Note that both the input Y Range and the Input X Range above both include the
label at the top of the columns.
Click on the Labels box to add a check mark to it (because you have included the
column labels in row 6)
Output Range (click on the button to its left, and enter): A20 (see Fig. 7.3 )
Important note: Excel automatically assigns a dollar sign $ in front of each column
letter and each row number so that you can keep these ranges of data constant for
the regression analysis.
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