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Answer the following questions using your Excel printout. Be sure to
include the plus or minus sign for each correlation:
7. What is the correlation between precipitation and productivity?
8. What is the correlation between temperature and productivity?
9. What is the correlation between temperature and precipitation?
10. Discuss which of
the two predictors is the better predictor of
11. Explain in words how much better the two predictor variables combined
predict productivity than the better single predictor by itself.
3. The Advanced Placement (AP) Tests are standardized tests that allow high
school students to “test out” of college courses, either by receiving credit for
these courses or by allowing the students to waive courses in which their AP
scores are very high. The AP Exams are scored on a 5-point scale in which a
score of “1” means “No recommendation” and a score of “5” means “Extremely
well qualified.” There are 34 AP courses for which these exams are available.
The Biology Test is intended to measure the equivalent of a college introductory
biology course taken by Biology Majors during their first year of college; the test
has three general areas: (1) Molecules and Cells, (2) Heredity and Evolution, and
(3) Organisms and Populations.
Suppose that you have been asked by the Chair of the Biology Department at a
selective university to see how well the AP Biology Test, along with other
predictors, predicts GPA at the end of the first year of study for Biology majors.
This Chair has asked you to use as predictors: (1) SAT-Verbal scores, (2)
SATMath scores, and (3) high school GPA, and, in addition, to use the AP Biology
Test score as an additional predictor of this GPA. The Chair would like your
recommendation as to whether or not the AP Biology Test should become an
admissions requirement in addition to the SAT for admission to the
undergraduate major in Biology.
You have decided to use a multiple correlation and multiple regression analysis,
and to test your Excel skills, you have collected the data of a random sample of
10 Biology students who have just finished their first year of study at this
university. These hypothetical data appear in Fig. 7.12 .
(a) create an Excel spreadsheet using FROSH GPA as the criterion and the other
four variables as the predictors.
(b) Use Excel’s multiple regression function to find the relationship between
these five variables and place the SUMMARY OUTPUT below the table.
(c) Use number format (2 decimal places) for the multiple correlation on the
Summary Output, and use number format (3 decimal places) for the
coefficients in the summary output and for all other decimal figures in the
(d) Save the file as: APbiology
(e) Print the table and regression results below the table so that they fit onto one
Answer the following questions using your Excel printout:
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