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Fig. 8.1 Worksheet Data for Honey Bees (Practical Example)
Enter the other information into your spreadsheet table. When you have finished
entering these data, the last cell on the left should have 17.8 in cell A16, and the last
cell on the right should have 18 in cell C17. Center the numbers in each of the
Important note: Be sure to double-check all of your figures in the table to make
sure that they are exactly correct or you will not be able to obtain the correct
answer for this problem!
Save this file as: BEE10
8.1 Using Excel to Perform a One-way Analysis of
Variance (ANOVA)
Objective : To use Excel to perform a one-way ANOVA test.
You are now ready to perform an ANOVA test on these data using the following
Data (at top of screen)
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