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Fig. 8.7 Worksheet Data for Chapter 8: Practice Problem #2
Nitrogen in order to write a conclusion summarizing all three of these
three types of ANOVA t-tests.
2. College students take Introductory Biology for a variety of reasons. Some
students take it because it is a required Premed course, others take it because
they are Biology majors, some take it because they are Science majors other than
Biology, and some students take it as a General Education all-college required
course. Suppose that you wanted to compare the cumulative GPAs of students
who are taking an Introductory Biology course this semester in terms of their
reasons for taking this course. Also, you have decided to exclude students who
scored a 5 on the Advancement Placement Science Exam from your research
study since these students receive academic credit for this course without having
to take this course. You decide to take a random sample of students taking
Introductory Biology this semester to test your Excel skills, and the hypothetical
data are given in Fig. 8.7 .
(a) Enter these data on an Excel spreadsheet.
(b) Perform a one-way ANOVA test on these data, and show the resulting
ANOVA table underneath the input data for the four types of students.
Round off all decimal figures to two decimal places, and center all numbers
in the ANOVA table.
(c) If the F-value in the ANOVA table is significant, create an Excel formula to
compute the ANOVA t-test comparing the GPA for Premed students against
the GPA for Other Science majors, and show the results below the ANOVA
table on the spreadsheet (put the standard error and the ANOVA t-test value
on separate lines of your spreadsheet, and use two decimal places for each
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