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Fig. 8.8 Worksheet Data for Chapter 8: Practice Problem #3
random sample of trout from each of the four containers. The hypothetical data
for this study are given in Fig. 8.8 .
(a) Enter these data on an Excel spreadsheet.
(b) Perform a one-way ANOVA test on these data, and show the resulting
ANOVA table underneath the input data for the four types of crowding.
(c) If the F-value in the ANOVA table is significant, create an Excel formula to
compute the ANOVA t-test comparing the average weight for 350 fish per
container against the average weight for 500 fish per container, and show the
results below the ANOVA table on the spreadsheet (put the standard error
and the ANOVA t-test value on separate lines of your spreadsheet, and use
two decimal places for each value)
(d) Print out the resulting spreadsheet so that all of the information fits onto one
(e) Save the spreadsheet as: TROUT3
Now, write the answers to the following questions using your Excel printout :
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