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Fig. 1.2 Home/Fill/Series commands
1.4 Sample Size, Mean, Standard Deviation,
and Standard Error of the Mean
Objective : To find the sample size (n), mean, standard deviation
(STDEV), and standard error of the mean (s.e.) for
these data
Start your computer, and click on the Excel 2007 icon to open a blank Excel
Enter the data in this way:
A3: Mouse
B3: Weight (in grams)
A4 1
1.4.1 Using the Fill/Series/Columns Commands
Objective : To add the mouse numbers 2-8 in a column underneath
Mouse #1
Put pointer in A4
Home (top left of screen)
Fill (top right of screen: click on the down arrow; see Fig. 1.2 )
Step value: 1
Stop value: 8 (see Fig. 1.3 )
The mice numbers should be identified as 1-8, with 8 in cell A11.
Now, enter the mice weights in cells B4: B11. (Note: Be sure to double-check your
figures to make sure that they are correct or you will not get the correct answer!)
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