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Fig. 1.4 Example of How to
Widen the Column Width
1.4.3 Centering Information in a Range of Cells
Objective : To center the information in a group of cells
In order to make the information in the cells look “more professional,” you can
center the information using the following steps:
Left-click your mouse pointer on A3 and drag it to the right and down to highlight
cells A3:B11 so that these cells appear in a darker color
At the top of your computer screen, you will see a set of “lines” in which all of the
lines are “centered” to the same width under “Alignment” (it is the second icon
at the bottom left of the Alignment box; see Fig. 1.5 )
Click on this icon to center the information in the selected cells (see Fig. 1.6 )
Since you will need to refer to the mice weights in your formulas, it will be much
easier to do this if you “name the range of data” with a name instead of having to
remember the exact cells (B4 : B11) in which these figures are located. Let’s call
that group of cells: Weight, but we could give them any name that you want to use.
1.4.4 Naming a Range of Cells
Objective : To name the range of data for the test scores with the
name: Weight
Highlight cells B4 : B11 by left-clicking your mouse pointer on B4 and dragging
it down to B11
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