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Fig. 1.12 Dialogue Box of Saving an Excel Workbook File as “Weight3” in Libraries:
Documents: My Documents location
Or, you can save it onto a “CD” or onto a “flash drive.” You then need to complete
these steps:
Save as
(select the place where you want to save the file by scrolling either down or up
the bar on the left, and click on the place where you want to save the file; for
example: Libraries: Documents: My Documents location)
File name: Weight3 (enter this name to the right of File name; see Fig. 1.12 )
Important note: Be very careful to save your Excel file spreadsheet every few
minutes so that you do not lose your information!
1.6 Printing a Spreadsheet
Objective : To print the spreadsheet
Use the following procedure when printing any spreadsheet.
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