Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Fig. 1.14 Final Result of Printing an Excel Spreadsheet
A6: 12.95
Highlight cells A4:A6 by left-clicking your mouse on A4 and dragging it down so
that these three cells are highlighted in a darker color
Number (top center of screen: click on the down arrow on the right; see Fig. 1.15 )
Category: Currency
Decimal places: 2 (then see Fig. 1.16 )
The three cells should have a dollar sign in them and be in two decimal places.
Next, let’s practice formatting figures in number format, three decimal places.
1.8 Formatting Numbers in Number Format (3 decimal places)
Objective : To format figures in number format, three decimal
Highlight cells A4:A6 on your computer screen
Number (click on the down arrow on the right)
Category: number
At the right of the box, change 2 decimal places to 3 decimal places by clicking on
the “up arrow” once
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