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Fig. 1.17 Worksheet Data for Chapter 1 : Practice Problem #1
sample of grass seeds. This interesting problem is discussed further in Sokal
et al. (1969).The hypothetical data appear in Fig. 1.17 .
(a) Use Excel to the right of the table to find the sample size, mean, standard
deviation, and standard error of the mean for these data. Label your answers,
and round off the mean, standard deviation, and standard error of the mean to
two decimal places; use number format for these three figures.
(b) Print the result on a separate page.
(c) Save the file as: seed3
2. Suppose that you have been hired as a research assistant and that you have been
asked to determine the percent of butterfat in registered three-year-old Ayrshire
cows in the state of Montana in the USA. You manage to find a recent “stock
record book” with these data for this breed of cow in Montana, and you take a
random sample of cows and record the percent of butterfat of each of these cows
from the stock record book. The hypothetical data are given in Figure 1.18 .
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