Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Fig. 2.1 Dialogue Box for Fill/Series Commands
Fig. 2.2 Dialogue Box for Fill/Series/Columns/Step value/ Stop value Commands
Fill (then click on the “down arrow” next to this command and select)
Series (see Fig. 2.1 )
Step value: 1
Stop value: 32 (see Fig. 2.2 )
Then, save this file as: Random29. You should obtain the result in Fig. 2.3 .
Now, create a column next to these frame numbers in this manner:
B4: 1
Next, use the Home/Fill command again, so that the 32 frame numbers begin in
cell B4 and end in cell B35. Be sure to widen the columns A and B so that all of the
information in these columns fits inside the column width. Then, center the
information inside both Column A and Column B on your spreadsheet. You should
obtain the information given in Fig. 2.4 .
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