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Now, put the pointer using your mouse in cell C4 and then move the pointer to
the bottom right corner of that cell until you see a “plus sign” in that cell. Then,
click and drag the pointer down to cell C35 to add a random number to all 32 ID
frame numbers (see Fig. 2.5 ).
Then, click on any empty cell to deselect C4:C35 to remove the dark color
highlighting these cells.
Save this file as: Random31
Now, let’s sort these duplicate frame numbers into a random sequence:
2.3 Sorting Frame Numbers into a Random Sequence
Objective : To sort the duplicate frame numbers into a random
Highlight cells B3 : C35 (include the labels at the top of columns B and C)
Data (top of screen)
Sort (click on this word at the top center of your screen; see Fig. 2.6 )
Sort by: RANDOM NO. (click on the down arrow)
Smallest to Largest (see Fig. 2.7 )
Click on any empty cell to deselect B3:C35.
Save this file as: Random32
Print this file now.
These steps will produce Fig. 2.8 with the DUPLICATE FRAME NUMBERS
sorted into a random order:
Important note: Because Excel randomly assigns these random numbers, your Excel
commands will produce a different sequence of random numbers from everyone else who
reads this topic!
Your objective at the beginning of this chapter was to select randomly 5 of Breed
X’s 32 laying hens. You now can do that by selecting the first five ID numbers in
DUPLICATE FRAME NO. column after the sort.
Although your first five random numbers will be different from those we have
selected in the random sort that we did in this chapter, we would select these five
IDs of hens using Fig. 2.9 .
5, 6, 15, 16, 32
Save this file as: Random33
Remember, your five ID numbers selected after your random sort will be
different from the five ID numbers in Fig. 2.9 because Excel assigns a different
random number each time the
RAND() command is given.
Before we leave this chapter, you need to learn how to print a file so that all of
the information on that file fits onto a single page without “dribbling over” onto a
second or third page.
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