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Fig. 2.11 Example of Scale Reduced to 95% with “Jennifer” to be Printed on a Second Page
Hit the down arrow to the right of 100% once to reduce the size of the page to
Now, note that the name, Jennifer, is still on a second page on your screen
because her name is below the horizontal dotted line on your screen in Fig. 2.11 (the
dotted lines tell you outline dimensions of the file if you printed it now).
So, you need to repeat the “scale change steps” by hitting the down arrow on the
right once more to reduce the size of the worksheet to 90% of its normal size.
Notice that the “dotted lines” on your computer screen in Fig. 2.12 are now
below Jennifer’s name to indicate that all of the information, including her name, is
now formatted to fit onto just one page when you print this file.
Save the file as: Random34
Print the file. Does it all fit onto one page? It should (see Fig. 2.13 ).
2.5 End-of-Chapter Practice Problems
1. Suppose that you had cultured various strains of bacteria in a college
microbiology laboratory. You want to study the growth rate of one strain of bacteria. You
have samples of this bacteria strain in 63 test tubes and you would like to test
randomly 15 of these 63 samples.
(a) Set up a spreadsheet of frame numbers for these test tubes with the heading:
FRAME NUMBERS using the Home/Fill commands.
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