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Fig. 2.12 Example of Scale Reduced to 90% with “Jennifer” to be printed on the first page (note
the dotted line below Jennifer on your screen)
(b) Then, create a separate column to the right of these frame numbers which
duplicates these frame numbers with the title: Duplicate frame numbers
(c) Then, create a separate column to the right of these duplicate frame numbers
called RANDOM NO. and use the
RAND() function to assign random
numbers to all of the frame numbers in the duplicate frame numbers column,
and change this column format so that 3 decimal places appear for each
random number
(d) Sort the duplicate frame numbers and random numbers into a random order
(e) Print the result so that the spreadsheet fits onto one page
(f) Circle on your printout the I.D. number of the first 15 test tubes that you
would use in your research study
(g) Save the file as: RAND9
Important note: Note that everyone who does this problem will generate a different random
order of test tube ID numbers since Excel assigns a different random number each time the
RAND() command is used. For this reason, the answer to this problem given in this Excel
Guide will have a completely different sequence of random numbers from the random
sequence that you generate. This is normal and what is to be expected.
2. Suppose that you have been hired as a consultant to test building materials for
engineers designing suspension bridges. The engineers of this company are
interested in using a new type of steel in future bridge construction. You have
been given 114 samples of this type of steel and you have been asked to test a
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