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Fig. 3.11 Worksheet Data for Chapter 3: Practice Problem #2
(f) Print the final spreadsheet to fit onto one page (if you need help remembering
how to do this, see the objectives at the end of Chapter 2 in Sect. 2.4)
(g) On your printout, draw a diagram of this 95% confidence interval by hand
(h) Save the file as: yield3
2. Suppose that a fish hatchery in the state of Colorado has asked you to determine
the average weight of the trout they are releasing into streams and lakes in
Colorado. If the fish are too small, licensed fishermen complain about the
undersized fish being caught. If the fish are too large, the rate of feeding the
fish is too high (i.e., fish size increases with the amount of feed), it costs the state
more to feed the fish than was built into the hatchery budget.
Let’s suppose that the state wants the average weight of the trout released into
streams and lakes from a fish hatchery to be 308 grams (g) or 11 ounces (oz.).
(Note: There are 28 grams in one ounce.) Suppose you have been asked to
analyze the hypothetical data in Fig. 3.11 which gives the weight of a random
sample of trout released during the past week from a Colorado hatchery. The
hypothetical data are given in Fig. 3.11 .
Create an Excel spreadsheet with these data.
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