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Now, enter the following formula in cell D32 to find the t-test result:
This formula takes the sample mean (D20) and subtracts the population
hypothesized mean of 5.5 from the sample mean, and THEN divides the answer
by the standard error of the mean (D26). Note that you need to enter D20-5.5 with
an open-parenthesis before D20 and a closed-parenthesis after 5.5 so that the
answer of 1.08 is THEN divided by the standard error of 0.22 to get the t-test result
of 4.93.
Now, use two decimal places for both the s.e. and the t-test result (see Fig. 4.3 ).
Now, write the following sentence in D36-D39 to summarize the result of the
D36: Since the absolute value of t of 4.93 is
D37: greater than the critical t of 1.96, we
D38: reject the null hypothesis and accept
D39: the research hypothesis.
Lastly, write the following sentence in D41-D44 to summarize the conclusion of
the result for Item #7 of the AIBS Survey:
D41: Members rated the helpfulness of the Career
D42: Possibilities section of the AIBS Website in its
D43: helpfulness in notifying members of job-openings
D44: in academics as significantly positive.
Save your file as: career4
Important note: We have used the term “significantly positive” because the mean
rating of 6.58 is on the positive side of the rating scale. We purposely have not used
the term “significantly excellent” because people who speak English do not use that
term because something is either excellent or it is not excellent. Therefore, “signifi-
cantly positive” is a more correct use of the English language in this type of rating
scale item.
Important note: You are probably wondering why we entered both the result and
the conclusion in separate cells instead of in just one cell. This is because if you
enter them in one cell, you will be very disappointed when you print out your final
spreadsheet, because one of two things will happen that you will not like: (1) if you
print the spreadsheet to fit onto only one page, the result and the conclusion will
force the entire spreadsheet to be printed in such small font size that you will be
unable to read it, or (2) if you do not print the final spreadsheet to fit onto one page,
both the result and the conclusion will “dribble over” onto a second page instead of
fitting the entire spreadsheet onto one page. In either case, your spreadsheet will
not have a “professional look.”
Print the final spreadsheet so that it fits onto one page as given in Figure 4.4 .
Enter the null hypothesis and the research hypothesis by hand on your spreadsheet
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