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Now, enter the other figures into this table. Be sure to double-check all of your
figures. If you have only one incorrect figure, you will not be able to obtain the
correct answer to this problem.
Now, widen columns B and C so that all of the information fits inside the cells. To do this,
click on both letters B and C at the top of these columns on your spreadsheet to highlight
all of the cells in columns B and C. Then, move the mouse pointer to the right end of the B
cell until you get a ‘‘cross’’ sign; then, click on this cross sign and drag the sign to the right
until you can read all of the words on your screen. Then, stop clicking! Both Column B
and Column C should now be the same width.
Then, center all information in the table except the top title by using the
following steps:
Left-click your mouse and highlight cells B5: C17. Then, click on the bottom
line, second from the left icon, under ‘‘Alignment’’ at the top-center of Home. All
of the information in the table should now be in the center of each cell.
Null hypothesis:
Research hypothesis:
1 Region A
2 Region B
Your spreadsheet should now look like Fig. 5.14 .
Fig. 5.14
Queen honeybees body length worksheet data for hypothesis testing
Now you need to use your Excel skills from Chap. 1 to fill in the sample sizes
(n), the Means, and the Standard Deviations (STDEV) in the Table in cells
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