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5.4 End-of-Chapter Practice Problems
1. Suppose that you wanted to compare the wing length (in mm) of a species of
adult mosquitoes in the northeast region and the southeast region of the United
States. You have obtained the cooperation of other biologists in Vermont and
New Hampshire in the northeast region, and Kentucky and South Carolina in the
southeast region who have shared their data with you from a previous study. In
the North, 124 mosquitoes had wings with a mean length 3.2 mm and a standard
deviation of 1.2 mm. In the South, 135 mosquitoes had wings with a mean length
of 3.4 mm with a standard deviation of 1.3 mm.
(a) State the null hypothesis and the research hypothesis on an Excel spreadsheet.
(b) Find the standard error of the difference between the means using Excel.
(c) Find the critical t value using Appendix E, and enter it on your spreadsheet.
(d) Perform a t-test on these data using Excel. What is the value of t that you
Use three decimal places for all figures in the formula section of your
(e) State your result on your spreadsheet.
(f) State your conclusion in plain English on your spreadsheet.
(g) Save the file as: Mosquito3
2. Suppose that you wanted to determine the effect of food quality on the
development of house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus). To test the effect of
food quality on house finch development, you randomly assigned finches to an
Experimental group and a Control group. The Experimental group received a
special diet of high-quality food, and the Control group received its regular diet
of food, during a 120-day period. You then measured their mass (in grams).
You want to test your Excel skills on the hypothetical data given in Fig. 5.18 .
Fig. 5.18
Worksheet data for Chap. 5: practice problem #2
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