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To give a ‘‘name’’ to a range of data:
Click on the top number in the range of data and drag the mouse down to the
bottom number of the range.
For example, to give the name: ‘‘weight’’ to the cells: B8:B19, click on B8, and
drag the pointer down to B19 so that the cells B8:B19 are highlighted on your
computer screen. Then, click on:
Define name (top center of your screen)
weight (in the Name box; see Fig. 6.10 )
Fig. 6.10
Dialogue box for naming a range of data as: ‘‘weight’’
Now, repeat these steps to give the name: eggs to C8:C19
Finally, click on any blank cell on your spreadsheet to ‘‘deselect’’ cells C8:C19
on your computer screen.
Now, complete the data for these sample sizes, means, and standard deviations
in columns B and C so that B22 is 2956.58, and C23 is 19.79 (use two decimals for
the means and standard deviations; see Fig. 6.11 )
Objective: Find the correlation between weight and eggs produced
=correl(weight,eggs); see Fig. 6.12
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