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Hit the Enter key to compute the correlation
C25: format this cell to two decimals
Note that the equal sign in =correl(weight,eggs) in C25 tells Excel that you are
going to use a formula in this cell.
The correlation between weight (X) and eggs produced (Y) is +87, a very strong
positive correlation. This means that you have evidence that there is a strong
relationship between these two variables. In effect, the higher the weight, the more
eggs produced by the fish.
Save this file as:
The final spreadsheet appears in Fig. 6.13 .
Fig. 6.13
Final result of using the =correl function to compute the correlation coefficient
6.3 Creating a Chart and Drawing the Regression Line
onto the Chart
This section deals with the concept of ‘‘linear regression.’’ Technically, the use of
a simple linear regression model (i.e., the word ‘‘simple’’ means that only one
predictor, X, is used to predict the criterion, Y) requires that the data meet the
following four assumptions if that statistical model is to be used:
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