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If these steps do not work, try these steps instead: Tools/Add-ins/Click to
the left of analysis ToolPak to add a check mark to the left/OK
You are now ready to skip ahead to Sect. 6.5.2 .
6.5.2 Using Excel to Find the SUMMARY OUTPUT of Regression
You have now installed ToolPak, and you are ready to find the regression equation
for the ‘‘best-fitting straight line’’ through the data points by using the following
Open the Excel file: eggs35 (if it is not already open on your screen)
If this file is already open, and there is a gray border around the chart,
you need to click on any empty cell outside of the chart to deselect the
Now that you have installed Toolpak, you are ready to find the regression
equation summarizing the relationship between weight and eggs produced in your
data set.
Remember that you gave the name: weight to the X data (the predictor), and the
name: eggs to the Y data (the criterion) in a previous section of this chapter (see
Sect. 6.2 )
Data (top of screen)
Data analysis (far right at top of screen; see Fig. 6.25 )
Fig. 6.25
Example of using the data/data analysis function of excel
Scroll down the dialog box using the down arrow and click on: Regression (see
Fig. 6.26 )
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