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1.3 Standard Error of the Mean
The formula for the standard error of the mean (s.e., which we will use S X
symbolize) is:
s : e : =S X ¼ S
ð 1 : 3 Þ
To find s.e., all you need to do is to take the standard deviation, STDEV, and
divide it by the square root of n, where n stands for the ‘‘number of numbers’’ that
you have in your data set. In the example under the standard deviation description
above, the s.e. = 0.60. (You can check this on your calculator).
If you want to learn more about the standard deviation and the standard error of
the mean, see Bremer and Doerge ( 2010 ) and Weiers ( 2011 ).
Now, let’s learn how to use Excel to find the sample size, the mean, the
standard deviation, and the standard error or the mean using the weight (measured
in grams) of eight adult wild field mice collected in a tall grass prairie on the bluffs
above the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri. The hypothetical data appear
in Fig. 1.1 .
Fig. 1.1 Worksheet Data for
Wild Field Mice Weights
(Practical Example)
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