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Let’s try a practice problem.
Suppose that you have been asked to analyze some data from the SAT Reasoning
Test (formerly called the Scholastic Aptitude Test) which is a standardized test for
college admissions in the U.S. This test is intended to measure a student’s
readiness for academic work in college, and about 1.4 million high school students take
this test every year. There are three subtest scores generated from this test: Critical
Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, and each of these subtests has a score range
200–800 with an average score of about 500.
Suppose that a nearby selective college in the northeast of the U.S. that is near to
you wants to determine the relationship between SAT Reading scores, SAT
Writing scores, and SAT Math scores in their ability to predict freshman
gradepoint average (FROSH GPA) for Biology majors at the end of freshman year at
this college, and that this college has asked you to determine this relationship.
You have decided to use the three subtest scores as the predictors,
X 1 ; X 2 ; and X 3 and the freshman grade-point average (FROSH GPA) as the
criterion, Y. To test your Excel skills, you have selected 11 biology majors
randomly from last year’s freshmen class, and have recorded their scores on these
Let’s use the following notation:
X 1
X 2
X 3
Suppose, further, that you have collected the following hypothetical data
summarizing these scores (see Fig. 7.1 ):
Fig. 7.1
Worksheet Data for SAT vs. FROSH GPA (Practical Example)
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