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Fig. 1.3
Example of Dialogue Box for Fill/Series/Columns/Step Value/Stop Value Commands
The mice numbers should be identified as 1–8, with 8 in cell A11.
Now, enter the mice weights in cells B4: B11. (Note: Be sure to double-check
your figures to make sure that they are correct or you will not get the correct
Since your computer screen shows the information in a format that does not look
professional, you need to learn how to ‘‘widen the column width’’ and how to
‘‘center the information’’ in a group of cells. Here is how you can do those two steps:
1.4.2 Changing the Width of a Column
Objective: To make a column width wider so that all of the information fits
inside that column
If you look at your computer screen, you can see that Column B is not wide
enough so that all of the information fits inside this column. To make Column B
Click on the letter, B, at the top of your computer screen
Place your mouse pointer on your computer at the far right corner of B until you
create a ‘‘cross sign’’ on that corner
Left-click on your mouse, hold it down, and move this corner to the right until it is
‘‘wide enough to fit all of the data’’
Take your finger off the mouse to set the new column width (see Fig. 1.4 ).
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