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16. What is the conclusion of the ANOVA t-test comparing Premed students
versus Other Science majors in plain English?
3. Suppose that you wanted to study the effect of ‘‘crowding’’ on the weight of
brown trout (Salmo trutta) raised in a fish hatchery in the state of Colorado in
the U.S.A. Crowding is measured in terms of the number of trout raised in a
container (i.e., the density of the fish in the container) and the weight of the
fish is measured in grams. The trout have been raised in four containers (200,
350, 500, and 700 fish per container) for nine months. You decide to take a
random sample of trout from each of the four containers. The hypothetical
data for this study are given in Fig. 8.8 .
Fig. 8.8
Worksheet Data for Chap. 8: Practice Problem #3
(a) Enter these data on an Excel spreadsheet.
(b) Perform a one-way ANOVA test on these data, and show the resulting
ANOVA table underneath the input data for the four types of crowding.
(c) If the F-value in the ANOVA table is significant, create an Excel formula to
compute the ANOVA t-test comparing the average weight for 350 fish per
container against the average weight for 500 fish per container, and show
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