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Highlight cells A4:A6 on your computer screen
Number (click on the down arrow on the right)
Category: number
At the right of the box, change 2 decimal places to 3 decimal places by clicking on
the ‘‘up arrow’’ once
The three figures should now be in number format, each with three decimals.
Now, click on any blank cell to deselect cells A4:A6. Then, close this file by
File/Close/Don’t Save (since there is no need to save this practice problem).
You can use these same commands to format a range of cells in percentage
format (and many other formats) to whatever number of decimal places you want
to specify.
1.9 End-of-Chapter Practice Problems
Suppose that you wanted to find the mean, standard deviation, and standard
error of the mean for the number of weed (Potentilla) seeds in a sample of
grass seeds (Phleum pratense) as measured by the total number of seeds in a
quarter-ounce sample of grass seeds. This interesting problem is discussed
further in Sokal et al. ( 1969 ). The hypothetical data appear in Fig. 1.17 .
Fig. 1.17
Worksheet Data for Chap. 1: Practice Problem #1
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